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Gregorich, Steven E
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120-Jan-2020Youth working in tobacco farming: effects on smoking behavior and association with health statusLivaudais-Toman, Jennifer ; Mejía, Raúl M ; Pérez-Stable, Eliseo J ; Gregorich, Steven E ; Kaplan, Celia ; Alderete, Ethel 
22016Effect of Appreciation for Indigenous Cultures and Exposure to Racial Insults on Alcohol and Drug use Initiation among Multiethnic Argentinean YouthAlderete, Ethel ; Gregorich, Steven E ; Monteban, Madalena ; Kaplan, Celia ; Mejía, Raúl M ; Livaudais-Toman, Jennifer ; Pérez-Stable, Eliseo J 
32015Effectiveness of an Intervention to Teach Physicians How to Assist Patients to Quit Smoking in ArgentinaMejía, Raúl M ; Pérez-Stable, Eliseo ; Kaplan, Celia ; Gregorich, Steven ; Livaudais-Toman, Jennifer ; Peña, Lorena ; Alderete, Mariela ; Schoj, Veronica ; Alderete, Ethel 
42015Validation of non-smoking status by spouse following a cessation interventionMejía, Raúl M ; Braun, Sandra ; Peña, Lorena ; Gregorich, Steven ; Pérez-Stable, Eliseo J 
52013Influence of gender role attitudes on smoking and drinking among girls from Jujuy, ArgentinaMejía, Raúl M ; Kaplan, Celia ; Alderete, Ethel ; Gregorich, Steven ; Pérez-Stable, Eliseo J 
62012Association of media literacy with cigarette smoking among youth In Jujuy, ArgentinaSalgado, M. Victoria ; Pérez-Stable, Eliseo J ; Primack, Brian A ; Kaplan, Celia ; Mejía, Raúl M ; Gregorich, Steven E 
72012Smoking and exposure to racial insults among multiethnic youth in Jujuy, ArgentinaMejía, Raúl M ; Alderete, Ethel ; Monteban, Madalena ; Gregorich, Steven E ; Kaplan, Celia ; Pérez-Stable, Eliseo J 
82010Physician counseling of pregnant women about active and secondhand smoking in ArgentinaMejía, Raúl M ; Guil Martínez, Valeria ; Gregorich, Steven E ; Pérez-Stable, Eliseo J