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Título : Latin America and the Caribbean Code Against Cancer: Developing Evidence-Based Recommendations to Reduce the Risk of Cancer in Latin America and the Caribbean
Autor : Mohar, Alejandro 
García, Patricia J 
Murillo, Raúl 
Herrero, Rolando 
Santamaría, Julio 
Paonessa, Diego 
Espina, Carolina 
Cazap, Eduardo 
Owen, Gabriel O 
Arrossi, Silvina 
Gil, Enrique 
Tortolero-Luna, Guillermo 
Garmendia, María Luisa 
Hassel, Trevor 
de Almeida, Liz Maria 
Zoss, Walter 
Mayorga, Rubén 
Luciani, Silvana 
Schüz, Joachim 
Palabras clave : Taxonomía;Prevención del Cáncer;America Latina
Fecha de publicación : Jun-2019
Editorial : 2378-9506
Citación : J Glob Oncol.;2019 Jun;5:1-3
Resumen : Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) has a population of more than 650 million inhabitants (8.5% of the world population),1 with a cancer incidence of more than 1.4 million new patients and more than 670,000 deaths in 2018. These figures will increase by 78% by 2040 to more than 2.5 million people diagnosed with cancer each year, and these patients will require medical attention, care, and support. However, many of these new cancer diagnoses can be prevented through public policies, supportive environments, and lifestyles that promote health and prevent cancer (Fig 1).2 In the LAC region, there are many organizations and institutions providing information on cancer prevention, including national cancer institutes, cancer societies and foundations, and public health agencies. Nevertheless, the information is frequently confusing, overwhelming, or even contradictory. The scientific source and credibility, as well as the primary message, differ according to the type of organization that provides the information (eg, patient organization, scientific or governmental institution).
DOI: 2378-9506
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