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Sep-2019Adherencia al triaje en contexto de tamizaje con autotoma del test de virus del papiloma humano en la provincia de JujuyPaolino, Melisa ; Campanera, Alicia ; Martiarena, Natalia ; Echenique, Ana Laura ; López, Natalia ; Gago, Juan ; Straw, Cecilia ; Ponce, Marisa ; Arrossi, Silvina 
23-Apr-2019Factors associated with low adherence to cervical cancer follow-up retest among HPV+/ cytology negative women: a study in programmatic context in a low-income population in ArgentinaArrossi, Silvina ; Paolino, Melisa ; Gago, Juan 
1-Jun-2019Programmatic human papillomavirus testing in cervical cancer prevention in the Jujuy Demonstration Project in Argentina: a population-based, before-and-after retrospective cohort studyArrossi, Silvina ; Paolino, Melisa ; Laudi, Rosa ; Gago, Juan ; Campanera, Alicia 
5-Mar-2020Psycho-social impact of positive human papillomavirus testing in Jujuy, Argentina results from the Psycho-Estampa studyArrossi, Silvina ; Almonte, Maribel ; Herrero, Rolando ; Gago, Juan ; Sánchez Antelo, Victoria ; Szwarc, Lucila ; Thouyaret, Laura ; Paolino, Melisa ; Weisner, Carolina