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Thrasher, James F
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1Jan-2019Exposure to Alcohol Use in Movies and Problematic Use of Alcohol: A Longitudinal Study Among Latin American AdolescentsMejía, Raúl M ; Pérez, Adriana ; Santillan, Edna Arillo ; Braun, Sandra ; Sargent, James D ; Morello, Paola ; Thrasher, James F 
22016Prevalence and correlates of E-Cigarette perceptions and trial among early adolescents in MexicoThrasher, James F ; Abad-Vivero, Erika ; Barrientos, Inti ; Mejía, Raúl M 
32016Recall, appeal and willingness to try cigarettes with flavour capsules: assessing the impact of a tobacco product innovation among early adolescentsAbad-Vivero, Erika ; Thrasher, James F ; Arillo-Santillán, Edna ; Mejía, Raúl M 
42016Exposición de adolescentes de escuela secundaria de la Argentina y México a escenas de tabaco en películas de cine: una estimación poblacionalSalgado, M. Victoria ; Pérez, Adriana ; Abad-Vivero, Erika ; Thrasher, James F ; Sargent, James D ; Mejía, Raúl M 
52015Parental Restriction of Mature-rated Media and Its Association With Substance Use Among Argentinean AdolescentsMejía, Raúl M ; Pérez, Adriana ; Peña, Lorena ; Morello, Paola ; Kollath-Cattano, Christy ; Braun, Sandra ; Thrasher, James F ; Sargent, James D 
62015Comparison of tobacco and alcohol use in films produced in Europe, Latin America, and the United StatesBarrientos, Inti ; Kollath-Cattano, Christy ; Mejía, Raúl M ; Arillo-Santillán, Edna ; Hanewinkel, Reiner ; Morgenstern, Matthis ; Sargent, James D ; Thrasher, James F 
72015Assessing tobacco marketing receptivity among youth: integrating point of sale marketing, cigarette package branding and branded merchandiseBraun, Sandra ; Kollath-Cattano, Christy ; Barrientos, Inti ; Mejía, Raúl M ; Morello, Paola ; Sargent, James D ; Thrasher, James F