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Barnoya, Joaquín
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1Dec-2018The impact and relevance of tobacco control research in low-and middle-income countries globally and to the USNakkash, Rima ; Mejía, Raúl M ; Fong, Geoffrey T ; Barnoya, Joaquín ; Salloum, Ramzi G ; Maziak, Wasim ; Lando, Harry ; Berg, Carla J ; Drope, Jeffrey ; Thrasher, James F ; Cohen, Joanna E ; Parascandola, Mark 
22011Tobacco advertising and press coverage of smoking and health in Argentinean newspapersMejía, Raúl M ; Pérez-Stable, Eliseo J ; Braun, Sandra ; Barnoya, Joaquín 
32010Tobacco advertising at point of sale in two Latin American cities: Buenos Aires and GuatemalaAlegre, María ; Mejía, Raúl M ; Barnoya, Joaquín 
42007Module six. Special module on mentorship for tobacco control: perspectives from Latin America and the CaribbeanMejía, Raúl M ; Drope, J ; Barnoya, Joaquín ; Rampersad-Rattan, D 
52006Litigation in Argentina: challenging the tobacco industryMejía, Raúl M ; Flores, M. L ; Barnoya, Joaquín ; Pérez‐Stable, Eliseo J