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2015Assessing tobacco marketing receptivity among youth: integrating point of sale marketing, cigarette package branding and branded merchandiseBraun, Sandra ; Kollath-Cattano, Christy ; Barrientos, Inti ; Mejía, Raúl M ; Morello, Paola ; Sargent, James D ; Thrasher, James F 
2015Comparison of tobacco and alcohol use in films produced in Europe, Latin America, and the United StatesBarrientos, Inti ; Kollath-Cattano, Christy ; Mejía, Raúl M ; Arillo-Santillán, Edna ; Hanewinkel, Reiner ; Morgenstern, Matthis ; Sargent, James D ; Thrasher, James F 
2018El cine induce a los adolescentes a consumir tabaco. es necesario implementar políticas públicas para contrarrestar este fenómenoMejía, Raúl M ; Morello, Paola ; Pérez, Adriana ; Peña, Lorena ; Braun, Sandra ; Arillo-Santillán, Edna ; Barrientos, Inti ; Pérez Hernández, Rosaura ; Abad-Vivero, Erika ; Kollath-Cattano, Christy ; Thrasher, James F ; Sargent, James D 
2016Prevalence and correlates of E-Cigarette perceptions and trial among early adolescents in MexicoThrasher, James F ; Abad-Vivero, Erika ; Barrientos, Inti ; Mejía, Raúl M 
2018Smoking susceptibility as a predictive measure of cigarette and e-cigarette use among early adolescentsMejía, Raúl M ; Pérez, Adriana ; Arillo-Santillán, Edna ; Braun, Sandra ; Morello, Paola ; Thrasher, James F ; Barrientos, Inti